Friday, 8 June 2007

Yahoo Censorship or "nothing personal"? Take two.

I just wrote about Yahoo censorship in my previous post but I couldn't imagine that it will happen with me.
Here is my lovely MyBlogLog (Yahoo owns MyBlogLog) avatar which was called "mature" and censored by Robyn Tippins aka Duzins.

"Your mature images have been removed"

I restored my nice and pretty avatar and posted message to that Duzins:
"I am completely confused. Your definition of "mature" seems to be a bit more restrictive than the common one. I always thought that "mature" images are somwhere in between nudity and adult images. Could you assist me in my attempt to comprehend how images I posted which can not be classed even as "nude" happen to fall into the "mature" category? I am absolutely buffled by this...."
and noticed that I`m not along

She deleted my adorable SexySEO avatar again with following comment:
"We are not allowing bikini shots or shots of just a chest. These images show up on family sites, business sites, etc. and our members have been vocal that they don't want these images. I will delete your image again. If you continue to ignore my requests not to use these images, I will be forced to blacklist your account."

So, please tell me is it really "mature" image or someone is really mad?


Adria said...

My entire account was categorized as "adult" when I first joined. I had no idea why. (You know my blog. It's a community art/poetry project, for goodness' sake.) I was able to set the record straight, but I was annoyed.

I think your avatar is glamorous. Certainly not offensive.

Lora Lufark aka SexySEO said...

Darling. I`m so sorry for you... Your have really beautiful and intelligent art project. MyBlogLog people are really mad.

Franx Budi said...

You are so sexy and nice blog..I like it your idea

Mark J said...

S SEO, This smacks of pure corporate posturing. There are certainly more "mature" shots on a lot of Rolling Stone magazine covers, movie posters and on every Cosmopolitan cover.

Wanna bet all of those will show up on Yahoo image searches?

Yahoo owns a dating site... nothing mature going on there, I guess.

Keep being your sexy SEO self!

Bobby Revell said...

While there are some blogs that are adult oriented and perhaps they should be flagged as such. Since when did a beautiful woman in a classy bikini become "adult"!? It is ridiculous and I think your avatar is very tasteful:)

Catfish said...

Hi SexySEO,

I really like your blog and you are very sexy. My blog is . I don't get to update it very often because I am usually roped with SEO, but every now and again I have a couple things to say that you might appreciate. I hope you'll check it out.

Robyn said...

Nothing personal, I can assure you. We have gotten so many complaints from business sites and family sites that we had to make a decision to clean up our avatars. As I said, bikini pics are not allowed for avatars.

If your blog was set to adult when you signed up, it's because you accidentally clicked the adult box when you signed up. It's fairly common, as we get a sizable number of people who do this. I've seen your blog and we would not have set it to adult, as it's clearly art (I'm the person who sets blogs to adult, and it has to be porn to be adult). As well, it would have taken us weeks to notice the blog and change it to adult, and if you were adult from sign up it had to be that you accidentally checked the adult box.

We've attempted to make the sign up more clear, but it still confuses some of our members. We're still trying to make it more obvious. If you have suggestions there, I'll be glad to tweak it further.

BillyWarhol said...

Twits + Hypocrites!!

My Avatar was removed too!!

Ironically it was a gorgeous Model used in the M.A.C. VivaGlam Campaign against AIDS!!!!

& yes i happen to think it is one of thee best Photos i've ever taken - in my Humble Opinion of course!!


I'm sick o this bullshit - I & many others face the same Censorship Shit Crap on Flickr - another Yahoo! co. all the time!!

It's time the People stood up + tell these religious fundamentalist Taliban-like pompous arrogant Zealots + Twits n Hypocrites to take a Hike!!!!!

Go live with George W. Bush at his Hobby Ranch in Crawford, Texas + be Happy ya Morons!!!


Impeach Bush!!! - had to get that in!!

Cheers Everybody!! Billy ;))


Frédéric-Michel Chevalier said...

We see much more in so many advertising. I don't understand why they absolutely want to delete your avatar !

Thorney said...

I tried to start a blog on yahoo 360, my avatar was taken down immediately, and I decided I'd blog elsewhere.

Sleeping Beauty said...

You are a beautiful "adult." And, the problem is, parents are not "adults" and let there kids roam free on the net! And if they come across you, then so be it! Too bad! I think it is a tasteful picture, and that is coming from a person who hates beautiful women in bikini's because I am jealous! LOL. But you look gorgeous!!!

aC said...

Well... You said it best y'self; Your Avatar is Sexy! :)

SexySEO said...

Hooray! The issue related to my adorable avatar at least was reflected in new MBL Guidelines

But unfortunately I couldn't find any clear definition of "mature" or "adult" avatar. It means that Q about avatar's matureness and adultness is still open.

Back again to my issue I was accused of using "mature images".
But as I understand the word mature is more related to the age :)

Why I should read between the lines and guess what they really do want?

Nothing like my situation would never happen if MBL team paid more attention to writing more detailed guidelines including clear and unambiguous definitions of what they mean by "mature" and "adult" images.

The problem is not that users want a fight but that MBL can't produce proper guidelines :( It is very sad because it could solve a big portion of current and prevent in most cases future problems, relieve from accusations of being control freaks and give a bit more time for solving real problems and building MBL stronger and more attractive and user-friendly.

Anonymous said...

I'm as conservative as you can get and I don't find a thing wrong with your picture. If it was a guy putting it up just to get more subscribers or community members, that would be another thing, but if it's you, it's you and as the saying goes if you've got it, flaunt it?? If that was "mature" what is the Little Mermaid???

SexySEO said...

After spending a couple of hours I found this link:
I think the appearance of this paragraph "- bathing suit pictures" was written especially for someone :)))

Pijoo said...

I don't see why it's classed as an offensive avatar, but I can understand the need for getting rid of the more obvious 'seo clickbait' images, unfortunately, anyone who genuinely uses bikini shots get unfair treatment.

Maybe MBL could have a clear set of rules on this. Who exactly is the site aimed at, bloggers or business?

Jaco said...

American politically correctness and censorship is going to ruin the net like it is America - go read on what stupidity is going on everywhere - this biking-shot thing is right up there with the big idiotic things.

ptamaro said...

Seems odd to me... It's a nice photo/avatar of a gal in a bathing suit, and harmless enough imo and I'm a "family guy."

Here's a thought, do the folks at Yahoo! (etc.) ever go to the beach? Do they bring their children to the pool in the Summer? Do they swim fully clothed?


IndianGirlsPhotos said...

You people are lucky that only ur profile image was deleted. BlogCatalog deleted my whole account where i had nearly 600 friends in my community. They didnt even intimate me before doing that so i could correct my mistake. Yes indeed i had a couple of adult images. But i would have removed it if i was noticed. I had spent so much of my time in that community. When i asked them to restore my account they didnt even reply me back.