Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Breast plastic surgery or Social Media success

Get quickly noticed in the Social Media world? Have boobs, duh.

Hm... I do have boobs. Not bad, actually, quite "cute boobies" as one of my dearest friends described them ;-) But the most interesting thing is that I've got some brains too just above those... you know :-)

It was funny to see that Wingnut's boobs story even went hot on Sphinn and Lee Odden from TopRankBlog decided to pick me up as an example.

Beautiful girls surely will be quickly noticed and not only in the Social Media world. To be honest I really DO NOT think that I was befriended and admired by most of the people not just because I've got... tits. I am sure they are not that stupid. Logically thinking half of the population must have boobies but not each and every one of those is successful in Social Media world. Surely boobs are a valuable asset but there must something else to ensure your complete success.

Here are some very simple rules which I think could help you to build a good and strong reputation on the Internet based on much more valuable assets than just your appearance regardless whether you have boobs or otherwise:

  • Arrogant
  • Annoying
  • Detached
  • Attention Seeker
  • Friendly
  • Really interested in people
  • Polite (always even if you are very angry)
  • Nicer, wiser, kinder, tolerant and patient with everyone

It is so easy, really! No one could see your face, you've got plenty of time to think, re-think and think again before you post your message. So show off in full every single good side of you!

PS If there is a direct correlation of being Social Media successful and a size of boobs I should probably be rushing out to make an appointment at the best Breast Cosmetic Surgery Center ASAP :-)

So, please let me know

which breast shape is the best for gaining Social Media success?


TheNanny612 said...

Haha.... cool post!! It's great to see the saga of Social Media Success/Gender Differences continue. Yet another great thing about Social Media.... watching the communication travel blog to blog. :) It continued on my blog as well.... check out my post Social
Media and Gender Issues - My Insecurities Come Back to Haunt Me


Bill said...

you're befriended and admired because you're smart and nice. And as this post shows, funny, too.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I love reading your blog, the latest entry on social media success is fantastic. I prefer number 3 BTW.

Catfish said...

Hi Sexy,

This is a really funny post. I think your intelligence is more important than your boobs as it relates to social media success..lol. But, having both is certainly a great combo! Have a great holiday.


BillyWarhol said...

i WAS relieved 75% loved U just the way U are!!



p.s. the Shape of the bOObies in #4 Totally Turns my Crank!!


Iwan R said...

good stuffs here..

Randy said...

Lol this was a great post. Considering for my day job i actually do SEO for Plastic Surgery.com it was nice to see something funny about breast augmentations and SEO going together.

Social Media Mom said...

I pick #3. That's about where I am. Great post. Just because we're hot does not mean we're dumb.

Mark Dykeman said...

I don't know if you intended this reaction, but this post made me chuckle! And it's a fair point!

Mark Dykeman


Kevin said...

This is a great post. I am glad that there are attractive women out there that do have the brain to go with it. Without the intelligence, the beauty just isn't enough.

Great post, keep them up !

NewSkill21 said...

I cant believe your blog is about Boobs and SEO (not that im complaining :))

You seem intelligent though, im gonna add you...

Joshua Nestor said...

LOL, I personally prefer 3 and 5. 1 and 4 tend to become 2 over time, which is not attractive at all...

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Anonymous said...

This is so Hot

James said...

real sexy seo, thanks

seutje said...

I'd go for number 3

but I'm kind of disappointed how all the attention went to the boobies, while ass also has a considerable affect on how ppl are generally threated

not to mention hair color, eye color n shits