Thursday, 14 February 2008

St Valentine's Day

It's all about love... What is online love?

We all want to be loved or at least admired. Strangely enough (I really don't understand people who would preffer to die but not to say anything about their feelings) no one wants to shout loud online about whom he/she loves/likes if not sure that their feelings will be noticed, accepted and appreciated.

In course my quite intensive online life I've experienced all sorts of feelings towards me coming from all sorts of different people: love and hate, admiration and arrogance, appreciation and rejection. But to my total amazement there was more good stuff than bad. :D I can say that my online life, on the whole, was quite happy and full of nice and pleasant surprises. :) Even my MBL community logo was inspired by one of my dearest admirers.

And today when everyone is talking about love and sending pink heart-shaped Valentine cards my Q is:

PS Good news for all who would want to tell about their feelings to me even offline: I opened my Cafepress Shop!

Happy Valentine's Day!

to all who love me :D

PSS And as always your comments are expected and of course more than welcome!


Ty's Dad said...

I have mixed feelings about online love. I met my 2nd wife online, but that one did last too long. Although we had a beautiful baby boy so something wonderful came of that. I still believe that you can find special people online. Thanks for making a thought provoking post.

Kevin said...

I've had several online relationships, all of them went well, though most ended. I am currently with someone from online, my last relationship was from meeting online and lasted five years. We still get along and talk to this day. I've had great experiences from the online love situations, though I know some that have had quite the opposite. Not any different than starting off in person though, really. I know plenty of people who have had terrible dating experiences and some that have gone great. It's a roll of the dice. :)

Free Money Maker said...

Hi and happy valentines day to you too.Be my valentine.........Online love can be shown then.Ha ha.
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Eric said...

What is online love?

Someone please explain to me what love is (if more than just a chemical reaction starting in your brain)? Let alone worry about online whatever...

Sorry, the cynic in me is winning at the moment, big time!

If there were two of you, which one would win? (Douglas Coupland)

Rolando said...

I actually wrote about the dangers of blogger and relationships.

It stems from online flirting. It's great if you're single, but if not, then it's dangerous waters. You can see the article here -

Personally, Valetine's is meaningful to me, cause it's the day that I got the nerve to send my not then wife flowers through our interoffice system :)

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