Monday, 24 March 2008


Chris Saad says:
Haha does this mean we are slow moving and leave a messy trail wherever we go?
SexySEO says:
@Chris Saad Aha! And Perl is slow as a camel, Linux is clumsy as a penguin, GNU is fetid as a goat :)))

Yes SNAIL, why not?!
It all began from cease and desist letter from Fedora, demanding the removal of the DP logo from the group's website and followed after that logo contest for DataPortability.
I can't tell that I'm DP's staunch evangelist, but I do support DataPortability. So I decided to take part in logo competition and first what I did (O! stupid girl!) made the suggestion which was immediately adopted without acknowledging me as the author of the snail idea. Submitting my snail idea I gave up all my rights to the copyright and donated it to the community via the DataPortability project, but I'm the author! It is a pity to realize that nobody cares about ethical side of the issue. It's simply NOT FAIR!
And now the adopter's logos, 2 of them are in the Top Favourites and no trace of my SNAILS! Heh.

Justice for SexySEO's Snails! Vote for them!

DataPortability logo

DataPortability logo


Elias Bizannes said...

Don't worry Lora, we know it was your idea. :)

The link to the logo competition you show is for the judges to determine their shortlist - even though you can vote on it, the actual public vote will be hosted separately.

If the judges top 15 is a snail, we'll make sure you are recognised somehow :)

Brady Brim-DeForest said...

I thought for sure that you were suggesting that someone run with the idea. Oh man!

I even said: "Thanks to SexySEO for suggesting a snail as a logo concept/official DP mascot."

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

SexySEO said...

@Elias Bizannes Thank you, Elias! :)
@Brady Brim-DeForest Accepted! :)

Gavin Heaton said...

The snail looks great. Looking forward to the voting!